2019 Friend of Public Health Nominations

ATTENTION San Juan County

Every spring, San Juan Public Health likes to look back at the previous year and try to identify entities, organizations, businesses, groups, or individuals that helped to improve the health status of our community. We then ask the Board of health to review those nominations and select a “Friend of Public Health” for San Juan County.

However, with COVID-19 moving in and disrupting everything, we are just getting to this.  If you will, please think about this topic and make a nomination for consideration for 2019.  As you are thinking about those you might want to be considered, here are a few criteria that may help you identify a candidate:

  • Address specific health service needs for a vulnerable population.
  • Increase public awareness of health programs or problems.
  • Demonstrate an ongoing effort resulting in long term outcomes to eliminate disease, suffering, or disability, and improve the health of the community.
  • Develop a creative service or program in cooperation with public health that enhances the health of the community.

Again, we are looking for nominations that met these types of ideals in the year 2019.

Please send your suggestions for consideration to kvess@sanjuancounty.org with a subject line of “2019 Friend of Public Health Nominations”.

Nominations must be received by August 19 for consideration.

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